Urban Classic Villa

Bolzano - Italy

Interior design project and high decoration for the living area of a Private Villa in Bolzano This old family residence with its garden, in the city centre, has been designed in classic style and furnished with period furniture. The classic style is defined by the entrance and throughout the living and dining area, separated from each other by a large lowered arch resting on two ancient shelves. The dining area, overlooking the garden, is in particular highlighted and concluded with a barrel ceiling decorated like a flowery pergola. Furthermore, an intimate reading corner finds its space in a small bow window. A small private parlor studio has also been created, like a gem, with the walls completely covered with fine “boiseries”, in which precious Impressionist paintings and a small window are perfectly placed. The elegant walnut paneling underlined by fine frames is punctuated by its pilasters and capitals, alternated with bookcases closed by doors with brass nets, and crowned by the classic trabeation finished with a wide throat that connects and underlines all the wooden ceiling that encloses it like a precious coffer, elegantly designed with central geometry and its fine chandelier.