The projects and works completed by the Architect Poluzzi and published by the most important magazines embrace the different sectors in which he has worked and continues in his design work, demonstrating great eclecticism and flexibility in the interpretation of different themes.
From the restoration and redevelopment of villas and historic residences to new buildings including new complexes in locations that include urban environments, as well as in the mountains, such as in a seaside resort or on lakes, analyzing and considering circumstances and creating projects using styles and concepts always consistent with the purposes, destinations and needs of demanding and motivated customers.
Going to the sea and beyond, designing lines and contents to fully live and enjoy even floating houses like modern motor boats actually are.

IEP Yacht Design

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

Italian Alps Chalet Interior Design

Classic & Modern Architect Interior Designer

Contemporary & Classic Interior Home Design Architect

Progettazione Design Yacht: Architettura nautica