Flying Manta 42m
SeaWish 36m Motor Yacht - Main Deck Saloon Full View
Sea Wish 36m
Master52 Hard Top - Bird's eye view in navigation - Small series production Exterior styiling and Interior Design
Master Yacht 52ft
Spirit Turchese #04 AGG(1)Light
Free Spirit 52ft
Princess 67 Turquoise
Princess Yacht 67ft

Boat Design and Fit Out

Ivo Enrico Poluzzi is an Architect and Interior Designer specialized in Luxury Motor Boats  interiors fitout.

Ivo Enrico Poluzzi has been a designer and architect for almost thirty years and about fifteen years ago He expanded his business from residential projects to the luxury  boating sector, completing projects for a 36m MotorYacht (SEAWISH), designing interiors that recall the sophisticated and classic elegance of the golden age of cruising yachts. The scope of works included covering all the interiors with patinated cherry-wood boiseries with classic furnishings, where the dominant colours were a brilliant blue combined with brass and golden yellow details; he also designed the style of the superstructure and in particular the aft section with two arched staircases leading down to the stern swim platform.

In one particular project, He has been commissioned by an Italian Motor Boat company to provide a range of modern, contemporary interiors  for a small series production of 12-20m motor boats offering different packages of combinations, colors and materials to create different concepts for semi custom solutions.

Recently, he designed and completed the full interior renovation of “OPHELIA” (a 36 m) which became a 42 m Motor Yacht,  now renamed “FLYING MANTA”; optimizing and transforming the original, dated interiors into something bright, modern and sophisticated. 

This included personalized night lighting and combining elegant materials with light, warm and natural colors, achieving complete customer satisfaction with the new look of understated modern elegance.He has successfully completed projects, always taking care of the customization of the interior style (from classic to contemporary), from urban residences to country houses, sometimes connected to local Golf Country Clubs and in many different situations.

Always with the aim of satisfying the desires and all the special needs of the customers, optimizing functionality of the spaces with elegance, refinement and balance, interpreting the style most suited to the context and matching properly to the character and needs of the customers.

Our Projects Portfolio

Flying Manta 42m

FLYING MANTA is a 42m explorer luxury motor yacht, refitted and extended (ex OPHELIA 36m )

Sea Wish 36m

SeaWish is an unusual yet successful union of sporty, aerodynamic lines and classic interiors designed with elegant cherry wood boiseries.

Master Yacht 52ft~44ft

Master Yacht Company has produced Motor Boats from 44ft to 52ft with a philosophy and a concept very close to the custom one.

Free Spirit 52ft

The Motor Yacht Free Spirit has been designed and conceived with a racy silhouette, inspired by the innovative design of super sports cars.

Princess Yacht 67ft

The Princess 67FB MotorYacht is an example of a simple and elegant renovation of a beautiful yacht delivered ten years ago.