Urban Classic Late Liberty Period Villa

Modena - Italy

A Restoration Project of a Late Liberty-Deco’ Period Villa in Northern Italy with full Interior re-design and High Decoration.

Restoration project and complete deco style interior design with a neo-classical twist of a period villa in Modena. This beautiful and elegant villa has been built in the urban old centre of Modena in 1920 around. Through several properties in almost a century of life he had undergone considerable alterations that had altered the original late liberty-deco style until reaching the last owner, one of the most famous Italian entrepreneurs. The need and the desire to bring back to its ancient splendour has involved a complex project that has involved the whole building both to update facilities and lay out and to completely redesign the interiors by reinventing and interpreting lost identity and bringing it back to its natural prestige. , with high decoration, refined furnishings and finishes, finalizing all the needs of the new owner and his Family.