Twin Villas on Garda Lake

Garda Lake - Italy

On a beautiful terrain that dominates and descends steeply towards the northern foreshore of Lake Garda, with a series of natural terraces covered with rich green and flowering vegetation with a beautiful swimming pool set halfway, two simple constructions can be seen from below, stretched out one above the other, almost two lines not easily perceptible and immersed with simplicity in nature. Working, modifying and perfecting an existing project, under the supervision of careful and demanding owners, the architect designed country-inspired interiors with a Provencal and Spanish twist. Using natural materials and colors, Spanish terracotta with a soft surface like brushed blond leather, framed with white glazed terracotta or handmade tiles glazed with color like the Aegean sea, like in the bathrooms, walls finished with soft and irregular stucco plaster, only indulging in ceilings highlighted by frames and plaster decorations, the architect has created a natural, instinctively welcoming, fresh and restful environment with a superb view from the large windows and terraces on the Lake below and towards the mountains that enclose it. Rattan and decapé wood furnishings, sofas with soft light tapestries and carefully chosen pieces of furniture, but as if they had just been bought by strolling through the sunny markets of southern France.

First Villa

Second Villa