Private Mountain Villa - New building Project

Fanano / Apennine Mountains - Italy

This unusual project for a large villa or rather a mountain building complex, has been preceded by a careful analysis and study of the historic vernacular architecture of the upper Apennine ridge of Emilia and Tuscany. (as well documented by Pier Luigi Cervellati Architect’s historic studies).
By evaluating its transformations over a very long historic period and the socio-cultural motivations that led to its evolution.
The initial concept has been performed and developed to design a complex in the style of local spontaneous-vernacular architecture, grown over time with successive additions, starting from a primordial settlement of a fortified residential tower of the 1300 and imagining and designing all the subsequent additions built over times, up to a more recent housing conception of an elegant “manor house” between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.
The aim was to be able to show and admire this variegated construction, rich in architectural details, elevated and finished with typical materials, as if it had always been in that place, not like a recently built , but as always existed and developed naturally and nowaday only conveniently preserved and restored.

Experimental architectural design by: