Golf Club Country Villa

These interiors of two Villas of two different customers, on the site of an important GOLF COUNTRY CLUB, have been designed and customized for each owner, both with a perfectly consistent style with the sporty, country and elegant context, but giving each one a different touch with an Italian / French twist. The style varies from a more rustic look with a stone floor with irregular slabs, and spatula-plastered walls, to a more sophisticated one, using various light colors in contrast to the upholstery and details, with the walls elegantly decorated with refined trompe l ‘oeil hand-painted by the famous international artist/decorator Irene Groudinsky (she decorated with her splendid works the most important houses in the world, already a collaborator of the famous Prof. Mongiardino). Every detail, furnishings and finishes are consistent and well selected to achieve the particular atmosphere desired by each customer.

Golf Country First Villa

Golf Country Second Villa